Fresh Princess #2: Style Rules! 

written by Denene Millner
illustrated by Gladys Jose
Join Destiny the Fresh Princess in her second adventure! Based on The Fresh Prince created by Will Smith. 
Now that Destiny settled in to her new neighborhood, she is on her way to the next big thing: a new school!
Destiny loves everything about school, but when she shows up to Paul Robeson Prep, it’s bigger than she ever imagined, the uniforms are plain, and all her friends already have a “thing.” Destiny suddenly doesn’t feel so fresh and wonders how she’ll ever stand out. That’s when she notices something super cool about her uniform jacket…
Will Destiny find a way to make her mark?
Written by celebrated author, blogger, and editor Denene Millner and illustrated by Gladys Jose, Fresh Princess: Style Rules! is the perfect book to encourage kids to be creative, be smart, and most importantly, be themselves!
March 2020 
Age Range: 4 - 8 years

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