The 100 days project is a current work in progress that I started July 1st 2016. 
The goal of the project is to complete 100 drawings in 100 consecutive days.
Day 41: Brody could barely wait to feast on the fish… he was determined to catch them… even if it took all day!
Day 40: This is Gertrude...the seal of disapproval...
Day 39: Sam wasn’t about to admit that he was the panda that stole all of the sushi from the sushi bar.
Day 38: Octavia the otter was happy to have found herself a great significant "otter" in Oscar the otter. 
Day 37: Unlike the other angler fish, Darla enjoyed some deep sea late night reading. 
Day 36: It was an endless battle between siblings Sally and Saul the tiny parrots. 
Day 35: Sisters Marianna and Veronica the Flamingos loved to dance Flamenco!
Day 34: The agent: .007... The mission: Obtain the cheese without getting caught. Thankfully Agent .007 was as sneaky as a mouse... you know...
considering he IS a mouse.
Day 33: You know how "chicks" normally don’t get along? Well… Lucy, Betsy and Boo had to get over their differences and work together. 
Day 32: Yeah, there were other sports Armando the armadillo could have tried... But bowling... Bowling was right up his alley. 
Day 31: Happee ​​​​​​​Birthdae Harry!”
Day 30: Tomorrow is Harry Potter’s birthday day! YAY! … Here’s “Furmione” Granger!
Day 29: In honor of Harry Potter’s birthday day coming up… Here is Ron “Weasely” and his broken wand.
Day 28: Reggie, the groundhog, felt a bit unsure of his predictions on his first day
as the weatherhog...
Day 27: Christopher the koala knew life as a street artist would be risky… oh who are we kidding the life of ANY artist or creative person is risky… no wait life in general is risky!! so moral of this story is... Stay cool and do your thing!
Day 26: Boris the walrus didn’t always binge-watch stuff on Netflix… but when he di-wait! The good part’s coming on!! Bye!
Day 25: Franky the Rat had spent so many years trapped in the lab… It was a given that he’d become mad eventually. 
Day 24: Once entering the witness protection program, things were a bit odd for Stanley the Possu….um… I mean... Bat… Stanley the Bat. At least he’s safe now… well as long as no one notices. So... move along now… there’s nothing to see here.
Day 23: You see, Cindy the skunk was smart. Instead of purchasing the hundreds of perfumes she used monthly... She just got a job at a perfume shop... Result? An endless supply of perfume!
Day 22: Gustavo the bird knew his job at Little Bird Sentinel was VERY important. It was up to him to spread information given by secret informants. You know the phrase “a little bird told me”? Yes… that phrase came to be because of Gustavo…
Day 21: Excerpt from Maxwell Milton Hemingsworth's profile: Maxwell the fox likes the outdoors, hiking, coffee, plaid shirts, converse sneakers,scarfs and more coffee... Maxwell the fox is a cool cat… except he is a fox of course…
Day 20: There was no hipper Corgi on the block than Wesley... a.k.a. Tiny Paws…. a.k.a. Royal T-bone Jones. 
Day 19: Frustrated with the lack of consideration the fashion industry had, Nana Nancy, the giraffe, had no choice but to knit each of her ​​​​​​​grandcalfs their very own sweaters… 
Day 18: Gloria the hamster knew that being tiny meant the odds were stacked against her. But she was determined to keep up. She believed she could win the race. 
Day 17: Moose Lee knew that if you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them... Too bad he couldn't remember who said that... *sigh*
Day 16: Duck Norris wasn’t afraid of the ponds' bullies. The bullies were afraid of him.
Day 15: And finally, after years of searching, Bertha the hedgehog met someone who would understand her struggles. He was perfect.
Day 14: It had been years since Dante the raccoon had left his life as a scavenger… but sometimes… sometimes he couldn’t help himself. 
Day 3: Leonard the snail felt as if his week was moving extraordinarily slow… but at least he knew he was half way to the weekend… and the next mailbox. 
Day 12: Ever since she was a little lamb Mary knew… she didn’t want to follow in her older siblings hoof-steps of becoming counting sheep… instead, she wanted to be a counting sheep… there’s a difference.  
Day 11: *WARNING* Do NOT…I repeat DO NOT…Bug a Pug whose coffee mug is still full…especially if their name is Jess... You have been warned.
Day 10: The moon and stars shone down and lit the pages of Celeste the owl's book... Would Edward ever tell Bella that he was a vampire? 
Day 9: Albert the turtle sat upon his rock for hours and hours practicing for that weekends' bubble blowing tournament. 
Day 8: ...And though they had no idea where they were going or much less how to be Pirates, Sully the whale & Eugene the seagull began their adventure.
Day 7: It was at that very moment that Patricia the pig realized… she could do anything!
Day 6: Herald the Sloth didn’t always exercise. But when he did, he made sure to make the most of it. 
Day 5: Almost instantly, Melvin the Rabbit regretted getting on stage. 
“What a tough crowd.” 
Day 4: George the bald eagle says "Happy July 4th!!!"
Day 3: Ally the cat was done playing games.
Day 2: Wallis the Frog was not particularly fond of rain.
Day 1: Meet Steve the penguin whose hat doesn't quite fit.

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